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Automated and Intelligent Data Capture and Extraction

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Built on over 20 years of experience in capturing and processing records, Simply Scanning offers a complete capture solution for both paper documents and electronic records. Designed for either single or multi-workstation usage, it includes features such as automatic form recognition, OCR, bar-code support, text pattern searching, along with features to find and redact confidential information. If that is not enough, our add-on framework allows for ultimate extensibility. Users can write custom sources, custom converters and custom export controllers.

We offer a batch document processing solution that will let you quickly and accurately intake your documents from anywhere and store them anywhere.

See how Simply Scanning can not only out perform your current capture software in functionality, but also for whole lot less.

Streamline Your Capture Process

  • Import Automation - Not only do we support a huge variety of scanners, you can also set up folder and email monitors or even import COLD/TEXT files.
  • Any number or size of batches - We support anywhere from one batch with one page, to thousands of batches, with thousands of pages within them.
  • Any number of document or form types - We allow you to create any number of different form templates to use, and allow you to mix and match them in all of your batch types.
  • Advanced Capture Options - While we include zonal OCR and support for barcodes, we even include defining sub-forms and performing full-text data searching, to help you capture the information you want.
  • Image Cleanup - Features such as auto-color and intelligent image cleanup will help you ensure your image quality, along with your OCR results, are the best they can be.
  • Conversion Features - From PDF to TIF or JPG to PDF, we include an extensive  conversion system that you can mix in anywhere within the processing steps.
  • Process Automation - From automatically importing, identifying and redacting confidential information, to converting and exporting, you can automate any part of your document capture process.
  • Highly Customizable - If our out of the box features are not enough, we also support custom batch processing and indexing scripts, along with writing custom converters and export plugins to extend your capture process even more.

Automate Your Capture Process

Automatic recognition and extraction

We provide a very strong data processing system that includes feature as automatic recognition, pattern matching and regular expression options.

Easily capture or redact information

Capture data from scanners, email or file systems, use OCR, barcode or manual indexing and even automatically scan for confidential or personal information you may need to redact.

Highly Customizable

We have a full range of customization's you can do with Simply Scanning, including custom scripts, custom converters, and even your own specialized import or export plugins.

Your information should work for you!

With Simply Scanning, you will have to spend much less time getting it into your storage system(s). From using masks to assist or rubber band user input, to verifying information against an existing database before finalizing, Simply Scanning provides a complete document capture solution.

Any Number of or Types of Documents

Our document capture solution allows you to define any number of document and form types. Mix OCR with bar-code recognition, pattern matching or shape detection or allow rubber-band indexing. Then process any number of batches, containing any number of different document types and easily extract information and store into one or more final storage locations. 

Batch Document Processing

Batch Document Processing

Setup your mass-exporting to create sub-folders and custom index files using a wide variety of data values.

Automatic Form Recognition

Form Recognition and Capture

Easily configure and run any number of conversion processes, using a wide variety of options. This allows even basic users the ability to perform complex conversions with little or no knowledge of the configuration.

Batch Capture Automation

Capture Automation

Our document conversion solution allows you to export from any number of document repositories, all within the same wizard based user interface.

Cost Effective

Our base version offers the Tesserect OCR engine. Tesserect is the leader of open-source OCR engine available and is fully implemented within Simply Scanning. Tesseract can recognize more than 100 languages "out of the box". We do have options for professional OCR engines and also allow you to choose between which engine to use, which can also be mixed-and-matched.

** No Silly Support Increases or Reseller Discount Reductions **

We will never increase your support costs or cut any reseller discounts just because you have been a customer or VAR for more than a year. The price you agree to today will be the cost you will continue to pay, unless you add on or remove features or something like that.  Don't keep getting your costs increased or profits cut year after year.  Unlike some companies, we value our customers and are just as tired as you are of the increasing costs associated with being a long term customer.

Our Prices

These prices are based on the free OCR engine and 50k pages per month (PPM). We also offer a wide variety of choices, including unlimited, for the number of pages per month you can process.

Single User


Get a single user license that includes automatic form recognition, image cleanup, redaction tools, along with full-text data extraction.

Add Import Automation


Add the ability to automatically import e-mail attachments and monitor folders for files.

3 Concurrent Users


Includes all the base features for up to 3 users to be logged in at the same time. Easily access and work with your batches from any workstation.

COLD/Text File Processing


Add support to automatically import and extract information from pretty much any text file. Also includes the ability convert them to PDF or other image formats.

Try for Free

Download the current build of of Simply Scanning and evaluate how our document capture solution will work for you. If you get stuck, or have questions, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to schedule a call to walk you through getting it setup on your own system. We even offer both concurrent or workstation based licensing for when you are ready to purchase. 

We Enhance Information Management!

Image Mentor specializes in a wide range of information management processes. From creation and capture, through extraction and conversion and then to long term management and integrations, we have expertise in everything document and information management related. With over 20 years of hands-on experience, ranging everywhere from small business, through all government and even large corporations, we have the skill-set and expertise needed to solve nearly any of your information management needs.

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