ApplicationXtender Compliance

Create Retention Policies and keep your AppXtender system compliant.

Retention Policies with automatic purging

Create retention policies using standard date fields and setup automatic exporting and purging of old records.

Reporting Tools

From detailed user permission reports, to organized audit reports, we include a variety of reports including filtering options.

Undelete Documents

Create a recycle bin for your ApplicationXtender to allow easy restoration of deleted documents or pages, and configure purging of old deleted documents.

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Auditing Your ApplicationXtender System

Now that you have started using ApplicationXtender, and have discovered that you can use the Audit Log feature to keep track of users activities, but you have a few issues. How do you look at your auditing information? 

Well, now you have a much easier way of doing this. Our ApplicationXtender Compliance solution will do all of this complicated connecting, searching and relating for you. All you have to do is setup a connection to your ApplicationXtender database, and then choose the options you want for your report. There are even several built-in reports that let you easily access the most common information.

Utilizing Microsoft Reporting technologies to make your reports visually appealing and dynamic. Features include the ability to create multiple database connections and setup automatic purging of audit records.

Document Retention and Automatic Purging

  • Lock documents after a specified amount of time - his will allow you to let your users modify documents up to a certain amount of time. No more creating duplicate documents just because someone mistyped an index value or forgot to delete blank or filler pages.
  • Live monitoring of documents - Allow users to update index values of your documents and trigger different retention policies based on this new value. 
  • Auto-Purging - Run your system unattended, or configure policies to require human review before purging is done to a document.
  • Run policies against existing documents - When you change or add a policy, you can have the system check all existing documents within your AX database and see if they need to be unlocked, locked or purged based on these new changes.

Undelete Documents or Pages

Have you ever wished that there was a Recycle Bin for ApplicationXtender?  Well, now there is. With AX Compliance, you can setup your system so that all document or page deletions can be easily undone. No more having to try to recover from a database or tape backup. Easily view a list of deleted documents or pages, and choose to restore or purge, or let the system auto purge them after a time frame you specify.

Get Started Immediately

You can configure our document retention policies on existing systems with existing documents. No more having to migrate documents to a new document type, just to setup retention.

Customizable AppXtender Retention

Retention Policies

Setup any number of retention policies on any AppXtender sytem and control both record locking and purging of your document repositories.

Detailed Audit Reporting

Audit Reporting

Create any number or reports and quickly access detailed records from your AppEnhancer systems audit log.

Easily Filter Audit Reports

Filter Your Data

Easily create reports based on time, users, groups or particular actions.

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