File Conversion Products and Other Utilities

Having over 20 years of real-world, hands-on experience of how you work, what you do, and what you expect, our products are designed to bring real value to your content management systems.

On this page, you will find a list of our various conversion products and other similar utilities.

Conversion Utilities

One of our primary services includes conversion of files and records. Below is a list of some of our over-the-shelf conversion utilities. We also specialize in providing custom conversion utilities and integrations. Please feel free to contact us if you have any specialized tasks you are hoping to find.

Migration Master Premium

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Our wizard based conversion and extraction solution offers a add-in based interface for performing record extractions from a variety of document storage repositories. We offer plugins to extract documents from both ApplicationXtender and ScanFile with our base install. You can also build your own plugins with our free SDK, or contact us if you need a specialized conversion process.

Single Page to Multipage Converter


This application will allow you to take a collection of Single Page image files, and convert them to Multipage image files. Easily take a collection of files named like ????.001.bmp, ????.002.bmp, and convert them to a multpage file named ????.tif.  Most common image formats are supported.

Multipage to Single Page Converter


This application will allow you to take a collection of multi-page image files, and split them to a collection of single-page files. Most common image formats are supported

Quick Image Enhancer


Quick Image Enhancer will allow you to take a directory of images, and run various image enhancements against them. This includes Rule-Based processing, so you can define what image enhancements will happen based on image attributes such as Image or File Size, Format and Colors.

Text to Image Converter


Text to Image Converter will allow you to take any ASCII file, and convert it to a standard image file including TIFF, JPG and PNG. Add Image Overlays and Custom Page sizes and use any true-type font installed on your computer.

Quick Rotater


This program will allow you to step thru a collection of images and easily rotate or enhance them. Collections can be imported from folders, or you can process the images right in the folder where they reside.

Other Utilities

Over the years, we have produced many utilities, below is a list of some of the various ones we have available.

Image Mentor Licensing Server


The Image Mentor License Server will allow you to manage any concurrent/network based licenses within our products.  If you choose to use either of these licensing options with our products, you will need to install and configure this on your network in order to host the licenses. 

We also offer an SDK to allow developers to use this for their own products. It includes a simple to use license generator that allows creating licenses with evaluation times or limits, along with managing sub-features (including time or count limites) with the product. Please contact us for more details or to see how you can add network based licensing to your product in a matter of minutes.

File Copy Checker


This application will help you either copy or move files from one location to another. Users can define what files should be processed using size and date.  Supports both copy/move/compare features, along with bi-directional syncing. While processing, this application will give you a status of how many files have been found, copied, moved, overwritten, or skipped and even allow saving the log for later review.

Numeric File Renamer


Numeric File Renamer will allow you to take a directory of files and rename them based on a sequential number. You can easily re-sequence numerically named files, or rename them to a new sequential order. Add padding, prefix and suffix information, and even a new file extension if necessary.

Tiff Tag Checker


This application will allow you to open an image file and get most properties of it, including dpi, dimensions, compression, and color details.  You can also get a full listing of any TIFF Image Tags stored in TIFF image files. Works with most common image formats, including image PDF formats.

Native File Restore Utility


Allows you to restore the native file extensions to a collection of files, including ApplicationXtender BIN files. Also includes the ability to remove most OLE file headers that may be encountered. Natively supports over 100 different file formats and supports most Office formats, as long as Microsoft Office (32bit) is installed on the machine.

This product does not convert AX COM/COLD files - you will need to use our Migration Master Premium product in order to convert these files.

Image Reporter


This application will allow you to browse to a folder full of images, and get a report on the images, and their properties. Easily create a report containing Image Format, Number of Pages, Colors, Size, and more. Supports both single page and multi-page files. Also includes to group page counts by dimensions or format.  Most common image formats, along with most PDFs, are supported.

Directory to Index Image Import


The Directory to Index Image Import application will allow you to take a directory of files and create an "Index Image Import" formatted index file for import into Documentum ApplicationXtender. This utility will allow you to place the filename into one of the fields, and then prefix and\or suffix the field information with other static information.

Quickly creates a standard delimited index file, using comma, pipe or most other characters as the field delimiter. It will also add the filename (with the file extension removed), as one of the index field values, and will append the standard @@filename to the end of the index line when it references your file.

AppXtender Desktop - ODBC Lookup


AX ODBC Lookup allows you to add database lookup indexing capabilities to your ApplicationXtender interface. Index information can be linked to any ODBC compliant database. Use an index field as your "key" and lookup against any table or view in just about any database. You can even specify sub-queries if you need to access more than one table, or setup different index fields to perform look-ups against different databases and tables for further details.

Don't see what you need?

These are just our pre-packaged software products. We specialize in custom integrations and specialized data processing requirements. Please make sure to contact us to discuss any specialized needs or if you have any questions on our products or services.