Migration Master Premium

Migration Master Premium is premier Document Management\Document Imaging conversion software package. Using this product, user can easily transfer images and other document files stored in their ApplicationXtender repository to a flat file format. This product is designed to support exporting and converting a variety of document management systems.

With Migration Master Premium, you can easily export any number of documents stored within your AX software repository. From simply making a copy of a few hundred records for shipping to a client, to converting an entire AppXtender system; Migration Master Premium is the product you need.

We offer fully functional evaluation versions of most of our products. Download now and evaluate on your own time.

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AppEnhancer conversions have never been so easy!

We have been converting ApplicationXtender systems for over 20 years and support basically every version of AppXtender you might have. From OTG, through Legato, even the new OpenText AppEnhancer versions of AX, we support basically any version of ApplicationXtender you may have.

  • Wizard Based Configuration - Easily configure your export process using our step-by-step setup interface. We even offer ability to save your configurations to easily reuse your conversion process.
  • Supports Any Document Type - We support exporting any type of document stored within your ApplicationXtender system. Even those COLD/COM files. 
  • Conversion Features - We offer a wide variety of conversion options you may choose while performing your AppXtender conversion. Even choose between single-page and multi-page formats.
  • Customizable - We provide a full SDK for Migration Master Premium that allows you to integrate our product with basically any source or output formats or system, and even allows you to write your own custom file converters.

Get Started Immediately

It usually takes about 30 minutes for first time users to configure their first conversion, after that, it takes a matter of minutes to configure other export processes. We will even be happy to help get you started, at no additional cost.

Fully Customizable Mass Exporting

Highly Customizable

Setup your mass-exporting to create sub-folders and custom index files using a wide variety of data values.

Wizard Based Conversions

Quick and Easy Configuration

Easily configure and run any number of conversion processes, using a wide variety of options. This allows even basic users the ability to perform complex conversions with little or no knowledge of the configuration.

Plugin Based Conversion Software

Plugin Based

Our document conversion solution allows you to export from any number of document repositories, all within the same wizard based user interface.

Why Choose Us

Real life experience with real life systems!

> 1 billion

Pages Exported

Our conversion product has been used to export between dozens, to hundreds of millions of pages from AppXtender systems.

> 100

Conversions Performed

Our product has been used in environments ranging from small business to secure government locations.


Years of Experience

It is very likely that we have more experience with AX then both the manufacturer and your VAR.

Try for Free

Download a fully functional version of Migration Master Premium and evaluate how our conversion software will work for you. If you get stuck, or have questions, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to schedule a call to walk you through getting it setup on your own system. We even offer both concurrent and workstation based licensing for when you are ready to purchase. 

We convert more than just AX!

Our conversion SDK allows you to write your own source models, export models and even custom converters which you can then use in our wizard based conversion interface. Using our plugin interface, you will no longer need to copy or rewrite existing code, or use multiple interfaces to perform exports or conversions from various content management applications.

Our conversion SDK is free of charge for any licensed users.  If you are interested in a copy of the SDK, please contact us for more information.