AX Linking Utility

AX Linking Utility will allow you to integrate or "image-enable" your ApplicationXtender interface with just about any other program out there. With no programming and a few mouse clicks, you can easily have your users accessing documents stored in your AX repository. Within a matter of minutes, you can make an integration between AX and another application that will make most users forget they are using two separate products.

Wizard Based Setup

Use our step-by-step wizard interface to quickly get your integrations configured.

Multiple Triggers

From hot-keys to clipboard monitoring, you can make the integration appear seemless.

Auto-Index New Documents

Capture information from other products and easily import or scan new documents with this information.

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Multiple Integration Methods

Integrating ApplicationXtender with other products can often be a complex task and there is no "one method" to do this. In order to integration AX with different products, we have included a variety of different integration methods.

Common with many AS/400 or other mainframe application integrations. If you can copy the contents of the text window to the clipboard, you can use this functionality. Easily define what ApplicationXtender document type to search and easily extract any number of search fields contained in this text information.

Similar to Screen Scrapping, AX Linking Utility will allow you to integrate your ApplicationXtender to forms. Then, define what fields to search within your ApplicationXtender repository based on various values on the form. Works with most Windows applications.

Easily have ApplicationXtender display document(s) based on a command line arguments passed to this application.

If you want finer control on the integration with your 3rd party application, you can have AX Linking Utility receive search commands using a TCP/IP connection. This includes on-call exporting of documents from ApplicationXtender for integration with programs that need the actual file..

Using AX Linking Utility, we offer a simple "Highlight and Search" ability. This will allow you to highlight something, press a hot-key and search for any matching documents.

Supports Both Desktop and Web Retrieval

Don't be limited by using one index field integrations, only having one method to integrate with, or needing to find a programmer when you want to integrate your AX system with another product.

With our AX Linking Utility, not only can you specify one hotkey to perform a range of integrations using one, or multiple pieces of information, but you can capture information in just about every method you can think of. Both the ApplicationXtender Desktop and the ApplicationXtender Web Access interfaces can be used, and you can use both types of integrations at the same time.

Get Started Immediately

You can configure our document retention policies on existing systems with existing documents. No more having to migrate documents to a new document type, just to setup retention.

Multiple Integration Methods

Multiple Methods 

From simple screen-scraping to enhanced network integrations, present your records to your users quickly.

Multiple integrations in one interface

Multiple Integrations

You can define any number of integrations to use, with any variety of methods you choose.

Integrate with Forms and More

Integrate with Everything

Form based Integrations allow you to extract information from a variety of application fields.

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Different Integrations

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It is very likely that we have more experience with AX then both the manufacturer and your VAR.

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We offer a wide variety of different products and tools for your ApplicationXtender system. From auditing and compliance tools, to converting AX to another document management product, we have tools that will surely help you get the most out of your AppXtender solution. Make sure you check out our other products, or feel free to contact us to know about our services.