AX Outlook Integration

Quickly and easily access your ApplicationXtender documents from within Outlook.

Easy AX Document Access

Have you wanted to include document searching and attaching within your Outlook interface? You where introduced to ApplicationXtender for Office (AXO), but then you found out how much of a pain it is to implement, or how big of an install it is. Do you wish you could open documents in your standard AppXtender WebAccess interface? Wouldn't it be nice to just install something, connect it to your server and be able to just use it?

With our AX Outlook Search plugin, you can easily add document searching, viewing and attaching of documentums within minutes. No custom programming. No complex configurations. Simply install the product, define your AX Web Access .Net url and define your login settings. Within a matter of a dozen clicks you can have a result set, and be attaching documents to your e-mail messages. 

Our Outlook plugin fully supports the use of either ApplicationXtender or Windows Integrated security models. Allows you to define if Auto-Login is enabled for the user, and allows users to choose to auto-login.

View Documents in WebAccess or as PDF files

You may choose to view and attach documents as PDF files, or in their native format. Native format will launch the standard Web Access .Net interface and display the user their document, without needing to login a second time.

Full Search Capability

With our AppXtender search plugin for Outlook, you are free to use the same type of search features as you would normally find in AX. This includes range, list and wild-card searches. This plugin will also allow user to perform searches based on your AppXtender Full-Text search capabilities. Users will be able to search for and view documents from any e-mail message within their Outlook interface. They can also easily view and switch between multiple search results.

Enhanced Audit Logging

Not only are standard AppXtender audit events tracked with this plugin, but with our Outlook plugin for ApplicationXtender, you can enable "Enhanced Auditing" which will allow you to track who the documents where actually e-mailed to. Whenever a user attaches a document to an e-mail message, this plugin can add to the Audit log stating whom the email message was sent to. This doesn't matter if multiple documents are attached, or if multiple people recieved the e-mail. Individual audit records will be created for all of the documents, and for each of the recipients of the e-mail message.

We Enhance AppXtender!

We have a vast variety of management and user tools for ApplicationXtender. Make sure to check out our other content managment related products to see how we can help make your AppXtender (known now as AppEnhancer) work better for you.