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Over the years, we have produced many products. While we normally specialize in ApplicationXtender Addons and File and Image Conversion products, we have had the need or desire to develop other products. Below is a list of these other types of products.

  Image Mentor Licensing Service   File Copy Checker
  The Image Mentor License Server is used to control any concurrent licensing for Image Mentor products.   This application will help you either copy or move files from one location to another. Users can define what files should be processed on things such as Filesize and File Date.


  Numeric File Renamer   Native File Restore Utility
  This application will allow you to take a folder of images, and numerically rename them.   Allows you to restore the native file extensions to a collection of files, including your ApplicationXtender BIN files. This includes the ability to remove most OLE file headers that may be encountered.


  Image Redaction Utility   TIFF Tag Checker
  Our Image Redaction Utility will allow you to search for and redact personal or confidential information from collections of images. Users can easily add in a batch based file redaction process into existing workflow and capture processes by allowing very flexible importing and exporting ability. This includes custom index formats, and full scripting support.   This application will allow you to open an image file and get most properties of it, including Compression, Color Format, etc... You can also get a full listing of any TIFF Image Tags stored in TIFF image files.






Image Mentor specializes in enhancing your Documentum ApplicationXtender document management system.
We offer a full range of products to manage, integrate and make your AppXtender imaging system fully compliant with all of your company and user needs.

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Updated: 09/11/2014