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Image Mentor has developed and provides many image and file conversion utilities. Below is a list of the products we have available.

  Text to Image Converter   Migration Master Premium
  Text to Image Converter will allow you to take any ASCII file, and convert it to a standard image file including TIFF, JPG and PNG. Add Image Overlays and Custom Page sizes and use any TTF installed on your computer.   Migration Master Premium allows you to easily convert, extract and copy documents from your ApplicationXtender, ScanFile or other document management, document imaging or content management application. Easily create related index files, and the related documents, restored with their proper native extensions.


  Image Reporter   Native File Restore Utility
  This application will allow you to browse to a folder full of images, and get a general report on the images, and their properties. Easily create a report containing Image Format, Number of Pages, Colors, Size, and more.   Allows you to restore the native file extensions from your ApplicationXtender BIN files. This includes the ability to remove most OLE file headers that may be encountered.


  Singlepage To Multipage Converter   Multipage to Singlepage Converter
  This application will allow you to take a collection of Single Page image files, and convert them to Multipage image files. Easily take a collection of files named like ????.001.bmp, ????.002.bmp, and convert them to a multpage file named ????.tif. Most common image formats are supported   This application will allow you to take a collection of Multipage image files, and convert them to a collection of Singlepage files. Most common image formats are supported


  Quick Image Enhancer   Quick Rotater
  Quick Image Enhancer will allow you to take a directory of images, and run various image enhancements against them. This includes Rule-Based processing, so you can define what image enhancements will happen based on image attributes such as Image or File Size, Format, Colors, etc...   This program will allow you to step thru a collection of images and easily rotate or enhance them. Collections can be imported from folders, or you can process the images right in the folder where they reside.






Image Mentor specializes in enhancing your Documentum ApplicationXtender document management system.
We offer a full range of products to manage, integrate and make your AppXtender imaging system fully compliant with all of your company and user needs.

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Updated: 09/11/2014