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AX Linking Utility


AX Linking Utility will allow you to integrate or "image-enable" your ApplicationXtender interface with just about any other program out there. With no programming and a few mouse clicks, you can easily have your users accessing documents stored in your AX repository. Within a matter of minutes, you can make an integration between AX and another application that will make most users forget they are using two seperate products.

Search information can be pulled from controls on defined windows forms, parsed from clipboard information, command line parameters, or even TCP\IP communications.



ApplicationXtender Auditing and Retention  

ApplicationXtender Auditing and Retention offers full Audit Log reporting, complete document retention, document un-delete and other great compliance features for your ApplicationXtender system.

Unlike the Software Retention module for ApplicationXtender, our system will allow you the power to create retention policies the way you see fit.

Have you ever wished that there was a Recycle Bin for ApplicationXtender? With AX Auditing and Retention, you can setup your system so that all document or page deletions can be easily undone.



AX Outlook Search Addin  

Have you wanted to include document searching and attaching within your Outlook interface? You where introduced to AXO, but then you found out how much of a pain it is to implement. Don't you want something that you can just install and use out of the box?

With our AX Outlook Search plugin, you can easily add basic document searching, viewing and attaching within minutes. No custom programming. No complex configurations. Simply install the product, define your AX Web Access url and maybe provide auto-login settings. Within a matter of ten clicks you can have a result set, and be attaching documents to your e-mail messages



Migration Master Premium  

Migration Master Premium is our latest Document Management\Document Imaging conversion software package. Using this product, user can easily transfer images and other document files stored in their ApplicationXtender repository to a flat file format. This product is designed to replace both of our AX Migration Master and ScanFile Migration Master software products with one easy to use wizard interfaces.



Other ApplicationXtender Related Products
ApplicationXtender Mass Email Utility   AX ODBC Lookup  
This application will allow you to mass e-mail documents out of your ApplicationXtender system, even if your ApplicationXtender system does not contain any e-mail addresses.   AX ODBC Lookup allows you to add database lookup indexing capabilities to your ApplicationXtender interface. Index information can be linked to any ODBC compliant database (Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySql, DBase, Access, Excel, etc...)  
Directory to Index Image Import   Index Image Import - Kofax Release Script  
This application will allow you to take a directory of images and create an ApplicationXtender Index Image Import index file from them. This utility will allow you to place the filename into one of the fields, and then Prefix or Suffix it with other static information.   This release script for either Ascent Capture or Kofax Capture, will allow you to release your batches into an Index Image Import specification.  






Image Mentor specializes in enhancing your Documentum ApplicationXtender document management system.
We offer a full range of products to manage, integrate and make your AppXtender imaging system fully compliant with all of your company and user needs.

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Updated: 09/11/2014